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Monday, 8 May 2017

New Classroom

Yesterday we finally moved into our new classroom!!!!!!!
it's so cool, we have heaps of new furniture, and if you have been to Gladstone School, for school, school visits or special openings, etc.
If you have then you must remember room 3 and the Library well that's our new classroom! I know right such a big space! there is a staircase by the door of the library, sorry Senior Hub, and that leads up to room three, sorry Senior Hub.
The pit is still the same but with a sliding door! yeah I know right? anyway,
that's still the same but with new furniture! and then there is the old dental clinic, that is now a really nice working space with furniture and a table that is also a whiteboard! we have them scattered around the room, one up the stairs, in room three, then one in the "Library", then there is the computer room where we store all our devices, after that there is our teacher's office, or "the soundproof room", towards the wall is some sinks and tote trays, the "wet area" and some windows looking into room 3, sorry "Senior Hub", finally there are cubby holes placed around the room too!

Sounds pretty cool right? yeah, it does!

here are some photos, just in case you didn't already have a picture in your mind......

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